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Rachel Sparks Dance


Rachel is an award winning dancer / choreographer, dance teacher, embodiment educator and coach based in London. Dance is the medium that sources her explorations and facilitation. With an ethos of inclusivity and celebration of the body whether working with unpaid carers, queer people, tender souls or busy couples; Rachel seeks to help people find joy through embodied awareness and movement.  She supports her clients to make loving and compassionate choices in their dance, in their lives and for others and the earth.  


Usually, Rachel runs around London delivering private lessons, workshops and classes and the occasional inclusive social dance events at The Royal Opera House. The new normal, however, has taken some of her offerings online. From Monday Morning Motivation classes to Moving & Exploring Choreography courses for all bodies and abilities. She also offers Wedding Dance Choreography, Date Night Dance lessons and Embodied Awareness Dance coaching to couples, individuals and poly formations. 


Originally from Kent, Rachel now lives, works and plays in London. She started ballet aged 3 and then picked up Latin and Ballroom, Modern, Tap and Jazz. It was when she studied contemporary dance at secondary school that she discovered her true calling to make dance an opportunity for self expression. She studied at University of Leeds gaining a BA (Hons) in Dance in 2007.  Facing injury, operations and recovery in the years after graduation, Rachel started her career off the dancefloor and focussed on helping young people reach their potential. Rachel Sparks Dance was launched in 2015 with the aim to create a safe inclusive space for LGBTQIA+ folks in ballroom dancing. In 2017 Rachel studied on the Embodied Facilitators course and has integrated this training into her dance teaching. She has been taught and mentored by Rachel Blackman and takes influence from Feldenkrais Method and is inspired by indigenous wisdom and the sacred feminine. 


What else?

Rachel creates cabaret performances with dance partner Henri Eisenhardt aka Iron&Sparks. Their multi-award winning dance film Swivel made in collaboration with film director Lois Norman has gained them international recognition. Rachel also teaches with Flamingo Chicks and volunteers with Diversity Role Models. You'll also find her shouting about feminism and queer rights on social media. 

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