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Originally from Kent, I now live, work and play in London. Having learned to dance from a very young age I worked in various sectors before finally launching my dance teaching business in 2015. Before this I worked in education and charities supporting young people to be their best. I’ve learned that our internal, cultural, and physical  environment can shape how we approach learning.


Taking this into consideration my aim is to create a safe learning environment for people who feel they don’t belong in a dance class. Be it because of their body type, their gender expression, their anxiety at meeting new people, their perceived lack of rhythm - whatever hurdles a person can face -  everyone is welcome.


My own dance background has been varied - I started ballet aged 3 and then picked up Latin and Ballroom, Modern, Tap and Jazz. It was when I started to learn Contemporary dance at secondary school that I understood that dance isn’t just for aesthetic entertainment. I went onto to study at the University of Leeds gaining a BA (Hons) in Dance in 2007. There I studied contemporary dance performance, choreography, dance history and theory, community dance and also became more interested in Gender Studies. 

I faced injury, operations and recovery in the years after graduation, so instead of dance I pursued my interest in helping young people. I trained and worked as a learning mentor in education and then worked as a helpline officer in the charity sector.


On reflection I’m grateful to my injuries as I gained a perspective on the fundamental challenges most people face in their lives and the impact that can have on learning and trying new things.  


My offer is varied and my clients range from local community groups, to the LGBTQ+ community, working professionals wanting 1-2-1 coaching and couples preparing for their first dance. Dive into my website for more info about the dance services, classes and events on offer.


In 2017 I qualified with the Embodied Facilitator Course and offer integrated classes and coaching to help people develop awareness of their patterns and manage their stress in and out of partnerships and teams.  For personal coaching book a free consultation or email for more details about working in your organisation.


What else? Well when I’m not teaching I create cabaret performances with my dance partner Henri - we are otherwise known as Iron&Sparks. We like to play with gender stereotypes and explore the fundamentals of what it is to be human.  I also run Strictly Queer Dancing events, volunteer with Diversity Role Models and run free tea dances in my local community with my partner Rae.