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Wedding Dance Lessons

Hit the dancefloor with confidence


Nail your first dance at your wedding

Inspired by Strictly and fancy creating something special for your wedding day?

Ladies, gentlemen and those who do not conform to the gender binary - I am here to let you know that your first dance doesn't need to be 3 minutes of awkward shuffling. No matter your dance experience or lack thereof, I am pretty confident that I can get you moving with more finesse and confidence than you expect possible. If your ambitions are to perfect an iconic dance moment then give me your time, and I'll give you my experience (and lots of kind encouragement!)

I highly recommend starting at least 3-6 months ahead of your big day. If, however, you're just realising that you have two left feet and your wedding is a few weeks away, then get in touch and I'll be able to add a bit of sparkle to those feet at least.

Wedding Dance Package Options

Emergency Dance

Book a handful of sessions if you have limited time - £120 per session

Classic Dance

Book a block of 6 and nail a classic routine - £540 for 6 sessions

Iconic Dance

Book a block of 10 and recreate an iconic dance moment - £900 for 10 sessions

For the Curious Couple

Develop your relationship and add in Relational Dynamic Coaching into your wedding dance sessions. Learning to dance can be a fun and surprisingly revealing experience. Integrating embodied Relational Dynamic coaching into your dance lessons can support you to explore the qualities you'd like to develop as individuals and as a couple. This is great if you are curious to deepen your connection on a non verbal level; an excellent antidote to manage the stress of wedding planning too. Relational Dynamic Coaching can add onto your wedding dance package at an additional £40 per session, or can be booked as stand alone sessions at £90 per hour. 

How do I book?

The process of getting started is simple

1. Get clear agreement that you're both up for dance classes and will make time for them.

2. Agree on the music, dance style, theme you might like (I can also help with this part)

3. Look at your schedules, the timeframe and your budget - what package might suit you best?

4. Decide if you'd like sessions at home*or if you'd like me to arrange a studio**

5. Email me on and let me know as much info about what you've decided and if you'd like a chat on the phone to discuss.

6. If we agree to go ahead, dates, times and location will all be agreed and I'll send an invoice for advanced payment***.

To discuss you package options contact Rachel on 

Terms & Conditions

*Wedding Dance sessions can take place in your home if you live within Zone 4 in London. **Rachel can arrange a venue for the session at an additional cost.

***Dates and times are subject to availability and can only be secured by advanced payment on receipt of invoice. Classic and Iconic Dance packages can be secured with a 50% deposit and remainder to be paid by the final booked session. 


Fantastic teacher! Rachel is incredibly patient and enthusiastic. She managed to get my other half to dance after the first lesson, despite him having no sense of rhythm and two left feet! Would highly recommend to all.

Stephanie & Matt


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