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Wedding Dance | Private Lessons | Personal Coach

Each service is personalised to your needs

First Dance Choreography | When you're preparing for your wedding day don't let your two left feet get in your way of enjoying your first dance together!

Private Lessons | If you’re the kind of person who has fantasies about being able to dance with grace and ease but desperately avoids dancing at all costs, then there’s no shame in getting a little help.


Personal Coaching | When you find yourself too busy to stop and take stock of what you want to achieve in your personal and professional life then sometimes a little intervention can help. I offer personal coaching to help with self-regulation, improving relationships, decision making, leadership skills and managing self-care amongst other things.

More details about my services are below...


Start from £75/hour - discounts offered for advanced booking and payment of 6 sessions or more. Alternatively, take advantage of my special Monday night offer in Bethnal Green. 



I work mostly in South East and East London and North West Kent, however, if you're outside these areas I can see what's possible or recommend another teacher for you.


In order to book please book a free consultation or drop me an email to work out how I can help you. 

first dance couple perform in front of wedding guests


Preparing for your wedding day can be stressful. Taking time together to learn your first dance will make you feel more confident and at ease and may even reduce your stress levels. Whether you want something romantic or want to get the party started I’ll create a dance that’s unique to you and will make you feel awesome on your special day.

In your own home or in a studio - sessions are scheduled at convenient times for you. I can offer sessions from as early as a year before your wedding day or in the weeks running up to the big event. 


Please book a free consultation or email me to discuss your first dance ideas. 

Dance teacher with same sex couple


You can benefit from private dance lessons no matter what level you are. If you’re learning for the first time you can build confidence and have my full attention to develop your dancing skills. For more experienced dancers you can focus on specific areas for improvement such as partnering effectively and improving the leader/follower connection. The dance styles I can offer are Latin American and Ballroom dances - Cha Cha, Rumba, Samba, Jive, Slow Waltz, Quickstep, Foxtrot and Ballroom Tango. 

Private lessons are for 1-2 people and can last for just a few sessions or over several months for more long term commitment. If you’re interested in having private group classes please email me your request.

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Whether you’re wanting to develop your empathy in your relationship or improve how you communicate to your team, the process of change can be slow when we just talk about it. Personal coaching offers an opportunity to DO something different. Using a combination of partnered movement and coaching exploration the process will help you to develop awareness, find acceptance and discover your intention for moving forward. 

A dance between two people is just like a conversation and how you partner with someone can be indicative of how you verbally communicate. Simple partnered movement can help reveal unconscious patterns in how we relate to other people - and when guided through the coaching process there is an opportunity to consider whether these patterns are helpful in developing healthy relationships. Once unhelpful habits are uncovered we can then explore the alternative options so that you have more choice in how you interact with people. 


Using practical tools and exercises you can continue your development beyond the coaching session so that the learning becomes integrated and have a real impact on your personal/professional life. 

Sessions can take place in your home or in a hired studio space as it’s helpful to have some room to move. In order to assess if we’re a good fit please book a call back via the link below or send me an email.


Rachel’s embodiment session was a completely new experience for me. I often find myself overthinking things and feeling stressed and Rachel has shown me a new approach on how to deal with these situations - grounding yourself by becoming more aware of your body and your physical reactions. As mind, body and soul are all connected, I think embodiment will relieve your mind and can help gain more balance within yourself. As the embodiment facilitator Rachel was excellent - highly recommendable

—  Yvonne Mathieu

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