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Due to the current situation with Covid-19 I have stopped all face-to-face classes to encourage students to abide by the social distancing advice. I will miss you all very much, and of course this is a difficult time for everyone. It feels very important to find new ways to stay in connection with our bodies and other people. I'll be starting up choreography sessions again on Tuesdays at 6.30pm soon.  Keep an eye out on my social media to find out which independent musician's music we'll be dancing to!

Supporting my work

This is my business, and as a freelancer I have lost nearly all my working income due to the outbreak.

If you'd like to help me continue my work and you have the means to, you can buy gift vouchers for yourself or a friend for when I restart group classes and private lessons again. 

If you're unable to attend future classes but would like to support my business you can make donations to my paypal on just add the amount you'd like to contribute. 

Your support is much appreciated!

Coaching online

I also offer relationship dynamic coaching and can offer this online. If you're working from home or home schooling your children and noticing the strain on your relationships then we can work through some practical and pragmatic exercises to help find balance and perspective in these strange and worrying times. 

Contact to discuss your needs

Online Coaching sessions are on a sliding scale £45-65/hr but don't let your finances get in the way and get in touch.

I'll be presenting at the Embodiment Conference

14-15 October 2020 

Join Me at The Embodiment Conference
One thousand presenters. Ten channels. Twelve days. Zero viewing fee. Register here now for the largest online educational event in history. 

The real magic of dancing with another person is in the deepening of connection that can occur... listening carefully... becoming sensitive to the silent conversation and letting go of the urge for perfection

Rachel Sparks

Two men dancing together on their wedding day. Smiling with friends and family around them

Hey, I'm Rachel

I'm a dance teacher, an embodiment educator, choreographer and dynamic relationship facilitator.  

Dance is the medium that has helped me to explore and understand how we relate and communicate as human beings. I'm fascinated by the impact of our DNA, upbringing, socialisation, cultural surroundings and life experiences and how we relate with others as a result. My curiosity feeds my interest in teaching, facilitating and coaching people in the hope that we can unlock some yet undiscovered parts of ourselves and make better choices.


I'm most known for my partner dancing work, but as Latin and Ballroom dancing is a style entrenched in traditional gender stereotypes I've been on a mission to make it more accessible to the LGBTQ+ community. Gender-neutral partnering allows anyone to explore the leader/follower role and therefore dance with whoever they like too. I run regular group classes, private lessons and inclusive social dance events in and around London - when life returns to normal details of these can be found here.

For now you can support my work by purchasing gift vouchers for future courses and private lessons or making a general donation to my PayPal.  If you're interested in Online Relationship Dynamic Coaching please email me on 


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Our first dance was so much more than we thought it could be, thanks to Rachel. We couldn't have asked for more in a dance teacher. We looked forward to our lessons and were amazed by the progress we made under Rachel's tuition. 

—  Rachel & Laurence - Spring 2018



 Online /

In person @ South East London, 

East London & NW Kent

Dedicated time to focus on a particular dance style or for a special occasion. Learning at your pace to help you improve your dancing skills by creating a safe environment to learn.



Online / In person @ South East London, East London & NW Kent

Feel confident and connected when you take to the floor for the first time with your new husband/wife. Choreographing unique first dances for LGBTQ+ and mixed sex couples.


Embodied Relational Dynamics

Online/ In person @ South East London, East London & NW Kent

Combining partner dance and personal coaching to improve listening and communication. Gain a deeper understanding of how you relate to others in your professional/personal life.

Please contact me with any questions related to my services and events including general enquiries  /  0787 500 1931

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