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Teaching dance and facilitating embodied movement online & in-person classes in London


Hi, I'm Rachel. I offer dance classes to help you feel more comfortable in your own skin. Inclusive and safe for LGBTQIA+ people, you are welcome just as you are. 

Wedding Dance Lessons

Date Night Dancing

Corporate Team Building

Special Event Commissions


 Morning classes to wake up and release tension.

Team building for connecting and communicating.  

Private dance lessons to nail your first date or your first dance.


Whether you're queer, straight, two left-footed or just a bit shy. I will help you get moving. My promise is that you'll definitely feel different from where you begin.

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for all other enquiries

Image to left: Mohan & Brian's first dance by Andy Tyler Photography 

Our Services

Online classes

Hey, I'm Rachel

I'm a dance teacher, an embodiment educator, choreographer and dynamic relationship facilitator.  

Dance is the medium that has helped me to explore and understand how we relate and communicate as human beings. I'm fascinated by the impact of our DNA, upbringing, socialisation, cultural surroundings and life experiences and how we relate with others as a result. My curiosity feeds my interest in teaching, facilitating and coaching people in the hope that we can unlock some yet undiscovered parts of ourselves. If we can make more loving and compassionate choices for ourselves then we have capacity to be loving and compassionate to others and the earth. 


I'm most known for my partner dancing work, but as Latin and Ballroom dancing is a style entrenched in traditional gender stereotypes I've been on a mission to make it more accessible to the LGBTQ+ community. Saying that,  gender-neutral partnering allows anyone to explore the leader/follower role and explore the vast range of experience on and off the dancefloor. Right now I run online workshops, group classes and private lessons. 


My Blog


Our first dance was so much more than we thought it could be, thanks to Rachel. We couldn't have asked for more in a dance teacher. We looked forward to our lessons and were amazed by the progress we made under Rachel's tuition. 

—  Rachel & Laurence

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