Today's Reality

2020, what a year! As the restrictions continue in London I am keeping the majority of my work online.

 It feels particularly important to find new ways to stay in connection with our bodies and other people. Check out my online workshops to ease body, mind and spirit.  

Coaching online

I continue to offer relationship dynamic coaching online. If you're working from home or home schooling your children and noticing the strain on your relationships then we can work through some practical and pragmatic exercises to help find balance and perspective in these strange and worrying times. 

Contact to discuss your needs or book a call back via the links below

Online Coaching sessions are on a sliding scale £45-65/hr but don't let your finances get in the way and get in touch.

I presented at the Embodiment Conference in October 2020 it was an immense experience and there is so much on offer. If you're interested in understanding and experiencing more  body-mind connection and resources for personal embodied growth then check out the conference library.

The Embodiment Conference
One thousand presenters. Ten channels. World-class teachers, practical tools for times of turmoil, and a supportive global community

Our Services

  • Wake up and dance and kick the Monday lockdown blues!

    5 British pounds
  • Dance your way to hump day happiness!

    5 British pounds
  • Online dance exercise, relaxation and meditation for a bit of me time!

    5 British pounds
  • Meditation, exploration and choreography following seasonal changes

    Started Jun 30

    50 British pounds
  • Develop your relationship through partner dancing

    30 min

    Free Consultation
  • Explore and expand your embodied relationship patterns

    30 min

    Free Consultation

Hey, I'm Rachel

I'm a dance teacher, an embodiment educator, choreographer and dynamic relationship facilitator.  

Dance is the medium that has helped me to explore and understand how we relate and communicate as human beings. I'm fascinated by the impact of our DNA, upbringing, socialisation, cultural surroundings and life experiences and how we relate with others as a result. My curiosity feeds my interest in teaching, facilitating and coaching people in the hope that we can unlock some yet undiscovered parts of ourselves. If we can make more loving and compassionate choices for ourselves then we have capacity to be loving and compassionate to others and the earth. 


I'm most known for my partner dancing work, but as Latin and Ballroom dancing is a style entrenched in traditional gender stereotypes I've been on a mission to make it more accessible to the LGBTQ+ community. Saying that,  gender-neutral partnering allows anyone to explore the leader/follower role and explore the vast range of experience on and off the dancefloor. Right now I run online workshops, group classes and private lessons. One day I hope to return to running inclusive social dance events in and around London to make the dancefloor for all people!

For now you can get involved in my work by joining my online embodied workshops and if you're interested in Online Relationship Dynamic Coaching please email me on 


My Blog


Our first dance was so much more than we thought it could be, thanks to Rachel. We couldn't have asked for more in a dance teacher. We looked forward to our lessons and were amazed by the progress we made under Rachel's tuition. 

—  Rachel & Laurence - Spring 2018