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Monthly at Siobhan Davies Studio

Do you want to let go, throw caution to the wind 
and stomp around like you don't give a f**k?  

F**k Yeah! Dance aims to get you
1) Warmed up in mind and body
2) Let go of worries and Just F**king Dance 
3) Learning something new about you

You’ll be facilitated by myself as a qualified Embodied Facilitator 
and  guided to move how you want to and reflect on how you are from moment to moment. 

Each session is themed to suit the season and support self reflection

I hope that you'll come away nourished and ready to take on the world. 

This  kick ass mind(body)fulness has a freaking awesome soundtrack too!

 F**k Yeah Dance! Movement was launched in May 2018 and continues to grow. 

Join the community, discuss, share ideas and contribute to the F**k Yeah Playlist. 


"It was awesome...I moved every inch of body and didn't feel self-conscious, I was just crazy dancing and I felt amazing!  I was buzzing for a long time after this class, what a great feeling!" 

Alice Tanaka

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